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Even after having the best skills for shooting videos, it is not always possible for us to get the right video. The time constraints are one of the biggest obstructions for getting the right kind of video at the right time. The other thing is that no one wants to spend a colossal amount of money for shooting few shots. That is illogical and a waste of money and time of course. This is where the role of stock video library websites come into the picture.

There are a plethora of sites which have many stock videos which one can put for advertisement and promotional purpose. These websites help in a great way. Most importantly because they do not come with the headache of copyright problems which one could otherwise get if one takes the video from other platforms and use it in his/her project. In this narrative.

We will brief about best stock video library websites which have the best HD videos in their stock

1) Pexels

Pexels is a platform which is popular for offering stock photos. Not many know that Pexels also provide 20-second fils or explainer videos which can be of great use for your project. These explainer videos are built with the help of awesome explainer videos script and this is why in short time, these clips have the capacity to deliver their messages clearly.

The professionals have done a lot of brainstorming before they constructed them which is visible once you make use of these clips. It is a ‘big deal’ to get your message clearly through your audience within twenty seconds. With the help of Pixel’s stock video library, you will be able to do it easily.

2) Life Of Vids

If you are in pursuit of searching videos free of cost, then ‘Life Of Vids’ is a platform for you. The website is run by a renowned Canadian company and the videos that this platform provides are of very high quality. Therefore, from a digital marketing point of view, you will get the best videos here.

A big factor that makes this platform the favorites of digital marketers is that there are no copyright restrictions attached to any of the videos present on this platform. This means that you can use any video for your commercial and even for your personal reasons.

3) Pond5

Pond5 has millions and millions of videos stored in its stock video library and so you can easily find whatever you are searching for. The good thing is that the searching option is easy. Big platforms like NBC, ABC, and BBC are using this platform. By this, you can imagine the standard of videos that this platform is providing. Also, it can be operated on any budget.

This means that that you can find the most suitable videos and that too at your own suited budget. Where else you would get such option?  There is also an option that you can filter and find the videos of the resolution you want.

4) Pixabay

One of the most known and heard names in the realm of stock video library websites, this website has a plethora of videos all for free. Make use of these videos for commercial and personal use. The videos here are all under the Creative  Commons Zero License and so you can edit the videos in the way you like without taking the permission from the creator. This freedom is not offered by many websites but fortunately, this one has it.

You can download the videos at the MP4 format and then can edit them in the resolution you want. There is one restriction with the platform and that is it does not have any 4K videos for the users. But this thing is compensated by a myriad number of HD stock video which can take the quality of your work several notches higher. Nearly,1.2 million free videos are available at this site. Images like nature, space and landscapes are also offered here free f any charges. The free stock videos that are available have different lengths as well.

5) Videvo.net

The licensing pattern of this platform is two way. The first one is Videvo standard licensing and the second one is Creative Common 3.0 licensing. You can edit the videos without any hassle from this platform and make use of it in the way you like. The only one thing that this platform restricts is that you cannot make the videos downloaded from this platform to be able to be downloaded anywhere is.

This can drag you to the legal troubles so pay attention that while you use the videos, you are not crossing the line of this privacy policy of Videvo. The videos here are fantastic and comes up with great features of adding sound effects and music.  You can even contribute to the website by making your own video clips and sharing it on this platform.

6) VideoHive

You can call this platform the most reasonable one when it comes to the field of stock video library websites. This is because there are more than 40,000 HD videos that are available and they are present under different categories. This categorization helps to get the video which you are searching for in an easy and comfortable manner.

The videos are really good and are available at an affordable cost. Here is a word caution, the cheaper you go, the more the quality of the video will go down. So pay great attention when you are searching for the videos according to their budget here. The stock video is contained in the stock footage part of this platform.

There are many other websites which could help you to get the suitable and useful videos. The above list has been constructed by analyzing lots of stock video library websites but even after that, you can research other platforms if you do not get what you are looking for in the above list.


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