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In this article, we will tell you tips for improving your video with free motion graphics. Making a great video involves a lot of elements starting to color grading and editing techniques. However, the element of motion graphics is very often ignored. It is a fact that all videos do not require graphics.

It is also true that poor graphics can bring down the quality of any kind of video. If you use free motion graphics then this can really bring improvement in the final result with a high integrity. It does not matter whether you are an expert of motion graphics or you see all things in a confusing way here we will tell you about some tips how to improve the quality of your video with free motion graphics:-

Tips for improving your video with free motion graphics

1. Gradients

If you look at the basic level you will find that creating backgrounds as well as text do not assume a uniform appearance. It adds a bit of depth and nice shape. Creating a gradient ramp is one of the simple ways to implement it. You should avoid making graphics that appear too flat unlike it has an aesthetic choice to look like an infographic.

2. Vignette

Vignettes are used in many places so that you may focus your attention on your task. It does not matter whether you are involved in video games, color grading or free motion graphics. A vignette can be created in a very easy way by creating a dark solid circular mask. You can also do playing with transfer modes with colors to create different looks.

3. Textures

Textures are one of the most convenient ways that can make your video titles appear to be more interesting. One nice way to do this is pre-comping your graphic text and displaying texture below it. You will find many kinds of free textures if you browse Google for them.

4. Color Grading

Color grading is a very big industry in itself. It helps you to adjust the color of free motion graphics. You will come across a dozen of ways to do this. You can make some curved effects, by using 3Rd party plugins. You may also add a tint effect.

5. Shadows

These are simple drop shadows that can help you to add depths to your titles. We have adopted this particular technique from copied texts and CC radial blur. Shadows can be moved to the center of the blur to make it look it like the biggest source of the above title.

6. Contrast

I have witnessed contrast damn near every tutorial. These can be utilized for motion graphics in the form of a contrast graphics. You can make use of curves and raise the highlights as well as decrease or reduce the shadow curves.

7. Background Movement

Movements of the background are also known as motion graphics, any kind of slight movement in the background makes them look very interesting. We are also making use of animated noises. You will find many ways to add movement to the background. You can scale as many trailers with blurred images.

8. Glow

You can add a glow to your graphic videos in many ways. These videos are kept in glow filters and also take help of a third party.

9. Light Sweep

You might know about things that make texts look shiny. Such arrangement is built in CC light sweep effect. This will help you to adjust some settings as well as animate the position of your video graphics.

10. Light Rays

The use of light rays is done for purpose of trapcode shine. For this purpose, you will have to build some video copilot and light ray filters. You can also use Trapcode Shine. You can also make default changes in the intensity of animated colors. We suggested all animation designers recognize all kinds default color shades.

11. Lens Flares

If you want some titles for your animated graphics videos then lens flares might help you well. This kind of practice is seen while displaying trailers of movies. You can add some interesting texts and also add tiny lens below them. You can also make use of Flickr camera in this task.

12. Slams

Slams can help you to add the basic title to your animation that you can perform easily. You can enhance the size of animated title to 100%. You can also change the text as well as the style of animation videos.

13. Motion Blur

Motion Blur is the simplest way to switch the text to every upper layer. You will have to make it sure that the sample test that is being conducted is high enough. You can also shutter at a very different angle.

14. Graphics Editor

When you use a graphics editor you may find it too long and tough to take its benefits. If you have animated property like position and various kinds of keyframes then this will help you well. You can go and use the graphics editing system. In this way, your graphics animation will appear functioning too fast. If you use graphics editor system then your free motion graphics will appear less robotic.

15. Mattes

With mattes, you will get tons of ways and this will help you to boil down to create a layer with which somehow goes black shade to white shade. You can use stock footage. Just learn about tracking mattes as well as masks in the soonest possible way.

16. Color Transition

You will find lots of cool graphics with which you can do customization of color shades through the technique of color transition.


When you make videos with free motion graphics then you will need to take many precautions. These precautions will help you from committing blunders that result in substandard quality videos. You will require bringing all tips into action to create high-quality motion videos.


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