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Building 4k time lapse footage is a hard task. You got to have lots and lots patience to bring the best in your footage. Your camera is needed to be set in a specific manner to record the stuff at different time intervals. These settings are really complicated. However, we will give you comprehensive list which contains the steps to configure your camera in the easiest and comfortable manner. Moreover, we will also give you the tips and tricks to make an awesome time lapse footage. Just read the narrative ahead!

Steps To Configure Your Camera to Shoot Time Lapse Footage

1)    Go to the settings button on your camera.

2)    Then just press the shutter button. Make sure that you have pressed it just once. After this, change your cycle from cycle to T Lapse Video.

3)    Highlight the Interval Settings by pressing the front Mode button. To alter the interval, press SHUTTER button.

4)    Select the Exit by using the top Shutter button.


The above-written steps explain how to configure your camera for the shoot. The steps can be applied to all manually-operated video/HD cameras.

Now we will give you some tips so that your time lapse video would be shot with finesse

1)    Have a Tripod

One got to have a solid base for shooting this video. Therefore a tripod is an indispensable tool for this purpose. If you have the same frame for one of the keys for a time lapse, then your shaky camera can ruin your video quality. These shaky bases just spoil the full video. This is why tripods highly matter.

2)    Prefer DSLRs over HD Cameras

When you shoot with DSLR, you can shoot in a RAW mode. This greatly helps in the process of post-production. This raw data is taken conveniently by CCD or CMOS.  With raw data, you can alter the settings in the way you want without giving an artificial look to your final output. For example, you can adjust your exposure quality, white balance and much more.  Also, the raw data takes up more space but the ease they provide to edit is worth it.

3)    Use Motion Controls

There are so many systems that can give your video effects like panning and tilts. The market is full of these systems. What matters here is the price. Some of these systems are highly priced and some are in the budget. If you are just starting, make sure that you make the full use of whatever motion you have chosen.  The advantage of using these effects is that you can get the 3-D effect without much complication. This will eventually add depth to your final output.  The advanced systems will give you the control over speed and other movements. Your video will look several notches better with these motion controls and effects. Do apply them!

4)    Lighting Adjustments

It is better to shoot the time-lapse video at a same part of the day. That means if you have a shoot which only has a day or a night time, it is fine. But if you have footage that contains a day to nighttime intervals, that means there are lots and lots of post-production work. The lighting settings change drastically and you have to deal with every intricate detail. If you are a newbie in the field, then avoid making your first few footages involving day and night.

5)    Storage Is A Big Deal

Your Time Lapse footage needs lots and lots of space. A camera internal storage is not enough for this. Do not make such mistake as you will suffer badly. Always have storage cards with high performances. The writing speed while shooting the Time Lapse Footage becomes speedy. Therefore, you need a high-performance card for this. High and fast performance cards make sure that you get everything you record. After all, who would want to suffer from the lack of space while shooting video?

6)    Managing Flickering-Effect

When your exposure value changes with the scene, a flickering effect comes automatically. With the change in the exposure, Flickering is inevitable. This is mostly fixed in the post-production process. But this consumes a lot of time. Here is another trick to fix flickering and that too without much consumption of time. DO NOT go for any type of autocorrect options. There will be some or the other thing that will definitely be out of control. Therefore one should manage the exposure value manually. This will reduce the potential flickering effect. Do this manually.

7)    Shutter Drag

This question will definitely trouble you once you start shooting the Time Lapse Footage. Time and again you will be tempted to drag your shutter. Dragging your shutter actually depends on the need of your footage. You can drag it down while shooting movements like that of running water. One has to be very cautious of the speed here. Make sure you do it very slowly so the speed is in synchronization with your footage. For other slow-moving scenes like an opening up of a flower, you can use ND filter.

8)    Editing Softwares

Editing software is recommended when you need a heavy control over your shots or pictures. If you are okay with the camera which pushes all your data (photons/footage) together, then you don’t need any software. But if you want everything perfectly done, download software for editing. You can have a control over each frame and can balance two drastically different frames which lie one after the other in the footage.

9)   Give Time and ‘Fail’

Shooting a perfect time lapse footage is really difficult. It is not an art which one could learn in a day. Years of patience and practice makes a man crafty in this arena. Give it time. Most of what you will shoot will be a waste. Be prepared for this if you are just beginning. Try to shoot from as many different angles as possible, use different effects etc and see what appears best. This will consume your most of the time but eventually, all this will hone your skill.

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