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Today’ we talk about some important tips of cheap stock footage for marketing needs. Marketing is a rapidly changing platform and online media plays a pivotal role in boosting the business and brand image. Video marketing has been around for some time now and has proved very impactful in engaging the internet surfer. We have social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook bustling with videos playing the flute for companies and placing brands and products in front of the customer in a smart, appealing, theme-based visual.

Different surveys have endorsed the significant percentage of people who watch marketing videos on social media and actually buy after watching the videos. This only goes on to prove how crucial it is for marketers to stay focused and positively active on social media.

The question is can you do it on your own? Of course, you can! Cheap stock footage is up for the grabs on the internet, and this footage can be embedded into your video without violating any copyright laws.

The Pluses of Making Your Own Video

There is excellent software for video editing that can be used for making videos and putting them up and you can also find applications that allow making different types of videos with varying formats. Or, you can outsource video making to someone who can do it professionally to create the impact you want.

Hiring someone to make your video, for one can be quite expensive, particularly for a small enterprise that plans to shoot only a few videos. Then, videos need to be constantly updated with new, fresh content. A small business or individual knows his product or service the best and can come up with the right idea to invest in for getting the customer’s attention.

Collecting Cheap Stock Footage

Stock footage is essentially short video clips that can be used in a marketing video. Footage can be recorded on own or collected from websites that offer them for a price. The stock footage makes easier your work, is professionally recorded so you don’t have to get into the quality and technicalities of video shooting in terms of camera stabilization, light, and sound effects etc.

The Sites to Check

Go to sites like Pond5, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, VideoBlocks, Niz.co, and Bonus: StockPhotoSecrets Shop that is cheap, affordable and even have a number of video clips that are free. For instance, Pond5 has a Public domain project that has more than ten thousand free clips. Although these are old and much used, some of them could just be the solution for your video!

Video clip hunting in Stock Photo Secrets can be exciting! This site has thousands of videos in different genres and all competitively priced. The site offers different on-demand packages and discounts for its HD videos.

Shutterstock has been one of the first and front-running sites for cheap stock footage with a footage collection ranging beyond 4.7 million clips and an eclectic variety to choose from. Shutterstock is an excellent choice if you want 4K and HD videos. Again, they sell clips A La Carte or in packs, translating into a great bargain.

Going the Videoblocks Way

Marketing your product takes time and needs regular thought and efforts to keep up with the social media. Buying cheap stock footage from Videoblocks can be the answer to your regular video-clips requirements.

Videoblocks is currently a rage in stock footage simply because it offers a flat-rate membership. Register with them and get access to more than 115,000 clips. In addition, you can buy clips posted by different contributors across the world. In essence, it acts as a buyer-seller platform for stock footage.

Keep Content Licensing in Sight

An important factor to remember when buying stock footage is to crosscheck the selling sites’ content licensing the plant. There are several, rights managed, editorial use, royalty-free etc. Mostly the cost of video clips may vary according to the license and so you need to read between the fine lines and check out the licensing agreement carefully.

The free or heavily discounted clips are the ones in the royalty-free category for which you may have to pay once even if you use them many times and in different videos. On the other hand, the right-managed footage is individually sold and owner-managed.

You do get very high quality and even exclusive footage, though, which is definitely a plus point when you’re neck deep in the competition. Editorial-use footages are cheaper than the others but limited to use in documentaries and editorials, and limited in size, placement, and use.

The Legal Guarantee Factor

Apart from licensing categories, stock footage carries legal guarantee by the website or respective content owner. Make sure the clips you pick have this guarantee announcement and do go through the terms and conditions mentioned in the licensing agreement. It protects buyers from legal hurdles.

Maintain Quality

There’s no need for you to learn full-fledged video recording. All you need to make purposeful promotional videos for your company is to make sure the video clips you choose are of good quality.

Do remember that if the video requires standard-definition video quality, there’s no point wasting money on high-definition clips. Avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary add-ons and maintain focus on format specifications of the planned video.

Check Modification Rights for Cheap Stock Footage

So you went through more than a dozen clips on a site and found the ones you want to buy. Great going till now! But will you need or may require modifying the video footage in some manner, like adding tags etc for making your marketing video? Make sure on crosschecking modification restrictions that some sites and stock footage owners place on them. This helps stay clear of legal issues in future.

A Final Word on Cheap Stock Footage

Corporate videos using cheap stock video footage may be the answer to your online marketing needs. Such videos can be posted on Facebook, YouTube, on the company website and handle like Twitter. Make sure the cheap stock footage is seamlessly integrated with the video.

Chosen clips should have good lighting and a clear motion, adding value to the idea you’re trying to project. You don’t have to be an expert in art direction but make sure that footage resolution matches the project requirement.


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