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In such cases, using the cheap stock footage is the best way to ensure that your client gets the awesome promotional video for his product or services. Promoting or advertising a product or services through audiovisual media the most effective way to reach the target customer base. However, shooting a commercial or a promotional film involves many factors and those factors can be quite expensive.

If your client is a startup or a small business or company, then their advertising budget may not stretch to the required amount for shooting a film. The stock video or stock shots can be considered as money saving ideas for advertising agencies as well as their clients.

Stock video or stock shots are that are used in films, promotional videos but they are not shot by the production company making the said film or promotional video.

The stock video or b-roll is shot by talented and creative people. it is made available for purchase for a quite reasonable charge.

Using such stock footages has become a trend due to various benefits of the same. Even though some stock footage can be quite expensive. There are many websites where you can get cheap stock video footage without compromising with the quality of the same.

Benefits of using cheap stock footage


  • The primary benefit of using stock footage instead of shooting or producing the content yourself is that it saves money and time. Shooting a particular sequence or shot at a far away destination will cost a lot of money which may make your production cost go over budget. Using a stock video of the same destination will be considered as the optimum utilization of resources.


  • Similarly, using a stock footage is a time-saving tactic because such video is shot by professionals and it is ready to use as the post-shooting processing is also done by experts. Sometimes time is an essential factor and using stock video may help you in completing your assignment on time.


  • It is possible to have a preview of the video before purchase which means that you can ensure that the video is exactly what you need for your video, movie or advertisement.


  • There are a number of websites where you can get quality videos and you will get numerous options for each requirement. It means that you and your client will have a lot of videos to choose from so that you get the perfect footage for your video.


  • The stock footage makes it possible for you to get videos from destinations which are out of reach for you due to constraints like time, money and distance. For eg., you can get a video of space without actually going there.

Criteria to be used while selecting the best website for cheap stock footage


  • Quality of the stock footage offered at the website should be top notch and it should be shot and edited by professional experts.


  • The website should offer variety and numerous choices in videos so that the clients can find what they are looking for.


  • Preview of the footage is also important as it gives a clear idea to the customer about the stock footage he or she wants to purchase.


  • The prices for the footage should be reasonable and competitive to ensure that it is a time and money saving option as compared to creating the content yourself.


  • The websites should be user-friendly with easy and simple navigation process.


  • The stock footage agencies should offer subscription plans and video at reasonable rates so that it is affordable for the customers.


On the basis of the above-mentioned criteria, we have shortlisted a few agencies where you can find cheap stock footage. These companies offer professionally shot and edited visual content at affordable rates. The customers can choose from any of them based on the videos requirement and affordability.


Adobe Stock offers more than 40 million graphics and photos in high resolution and high quality.

The customers can purchase individual images and the company also allows for cancellation of subscription without any monetary loss.


This is one of the top agencies providing photos and videos. The quality of the stock footage is of very high resolution.

It offers a large library of images, videos as well as music to choose from. Vector images are also available as well as illustrations.

Different subscription plans to suit requirements of different customers.

It also offers support through phone and Email.


Niz.co is one of the best agencies offering cheap stock footage to customers at reasonable rates.

The videos can be presented using any of the trending software for editing and presentation.

Background loops are available for download without any cost so that small businesses and companies can benefit from the same.

Video footage provided by the agency is high definition and is of excellent quality.


Ideal for customers who constantly need a stock video for various visual requirements.

This agency offers video clips on subscription which makes it affordable for frequent customers.

Diversity and high-resolution content mean the users will find what they need without any problem.

The users can also avail the offer of a free trial and use the content downloaded in the free trial period even if they do not subscribe at the end of the trial period.


This agency offers high-quality videos that are created using top-notch machines.

Even though the price is high in comparison to other agencies and websites, quality of the footage can be considered as one of the best.

As you can see that these agencies provide videos for different customers and different requirements. Choosing cheap stock footage for your requirement will be an easy task if you go through the above information. purchasing high-quality stock footage at affordable prices will not only save a lot of time and money for your client but it will also enhance the content of your own video as you will be able to add content which otherwise was not possible to create yourself.


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