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The industry of motion graphics is a promising one. From commercials to movie making, each and every industry is embracing motion graphics at a quick rate. This craft makes the communication method interesting and visually appealing.  You can even re-package your old content using the methodologies of free motion graphics. However, there are some essentials that you need to create a perfect product using this art.

Below are tips for uses of free motion graphics of those that we have underlined. Read on!

1) Visit the Best Performers

Well if you are beginning or even at the learning stage, then you should visit the top platforms which are popular for showcasing or producing best motion graphics. This will give you an idea of what you should create in this arena. Not only this, but you will also know what is the standard of the work in the market.

2)    Dissect and Learn

If you start from the very beginning than a time will come that you feel ‘motion graphics’ are way more complicated than you thought. This can become easy if you break it part by part and then learn each aspect separately. Many sites offer after effects templates for sale. Using them you can separate these templates and learn how they have been constructed. This will help your practical learning in a better manner.

3)    Use the Simpler Forms

If you are conveying motion graphics for the long message, do not complicate it with lots of themes and complicated designs. Rather make it simple. The readers or viewers would not want to read messages which are hard to understand. They like creativity but not complication. It is therefore advised that creativity should not be overdone especially when you are conveying a message. This can make viewers confused.

4)    Awesome Organization

Suppose if you are telling a story through this art, make sure that your stuff are organized. This means you have to keep in mind the pacing of your words, the style, the fonts and lots and lots of other things to make your story understandable.  Your word count is also a big factor which is responsible to decide how much display time your story should take.

Now we will highlight what are the benefits of free motion graphics. Read on!

1)    They Are the Best Means of Communication

If you are incorporating graphic motions to inform an audience, you are doing something which is readable and that too is a video. Take an example of Instagram and Facebook, you must have witnessed that video content which shows the motioned letters dominate the feeds. This is because nobody is interested to read the content. Reading is boring but if you collaborate the motioned words with music and other effects, people tend to give it more attention. Therefore, using this method for distribution of information is quick.

2)    Cost Effective

You do not need a great and big team to produce a video using the craft of free motion graphics. If you are experienced in the field, you can even work alone on your project. This saves a lot of money. You do not have to pay it to designers, stylists, calligraphists etc. In this way, a lot of costs are saved.

3)    Unlimited Creativity

Motion graphics has unlimited features. You can experiment with lots of them and come out with a unique video. You can also give the video your own unique form. This means you can give an individual taste to your project to reflect your own personality. To sum it up, there are endless possibilities and features that you can play and work with.

4)    Boost sharing

As motion graphics are in video form, it is more accessed by people than blogs or other similar reading stuff. These videos are shared with a great speed. This means that this art can spread your message earlier than any other means.

5)    People Understand In Depth

Free Motion graphics include the moving pictures. This has a lot of advantage. Suppose if you want to explain any product that you are trying to sell, these pictures can be explained with finesse. You can make people understand your intentions inside out if you use the art in the best way to convey your message.

6)    Makes the Content Appealing

We know that a sense of sight is stronger than a sense of hearing. What if you join both of these? Would not it make your content memorable in the minds of your viewers this way? Motion Graphic has the power to make the content appealing through its features. When people view something appealing, they tend to read it even if the information of that content does not appeal to them much. Therefore, using this method you can increase your clientele if you are dealing with an online business.

7)    It Is Versatile

Another reason that why graphic motion has a popularity because it is versatile. This means you can combine it with any other form. Suppose if you have animation video in which you want to add some text information, you can conveniently do it with free motion graphics. Not only this, other styles like explainer video, entertainer etc are the extended forms of motion graphics. In short, whatever style of video you want to make, free motion graphics can be helpful.

8)    Its Familiarity Helps!

People using social media have become very comfortable with the videos which are build using the free motion graphics. Its familiarity and comfort level is at its peak at this point in time. Many people are using this to their full advantage. Marketers know that people will view such videos, so they incorporate their sales and marketing strategies through them. They put their product’s ads with pictures, words, music etc and then post it on the social media. This method of using motion graphics brings considerable sales to them. The big reason for this is that people understand the message in a crystal clear manner.


All the above-written advantages are just a few of the advantages you can have. You can use free motion graphics to achieve much another purpose you want. You can use it in the field of drawings, animations etc as well.


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