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There are many apps and sites today which are giving options to make your own free HD backgrounds. There are some sites which even give the options to download the backgrounds which are already present on them. The problem is that you need the customized options to make your background perfect in size and display for your phone and PC. The good news is that now you can do it with ease. We have given information about top five such platforms where you can make your own free HD backgrounds for the display needs of your phone and PC.

Read about them and choose the one which suits you the most helpful for creating free HD backgrounds

1) Using PicMonkey

By following the simple steps, you will be able to make your own customized HD background for your phone and PC. Read the simple steps below.

First of all, go to the homepage of PicMonkey and then select a customized design. This you will choose from the canvas size option which will appear as soon as you will open the page of the PicMonkey site. Suppose you want to make the free HD backgrounds for your phone. Select the dimensions according to the screen size which suits your phone.

The second step involves the making of the wallpaper/background. Here you can get creative and do what you want to do with your background wallpaper. You can add text, overlays, and many other things. If you want to know more for PicMonkey, just go to essential graphic design tips for beginners and there you will find many options to apply to your background.

Once you are done with what you wanted, save and mail it to yourself.

2) Use Fotojet

Fotojet is another picture editor platform where you can give wings to your creativity and can create free HD backgrounds or wallpapers. You can also get these HD wallpapers from some websites which offer so. But why not get the quirky ones by using your own artistic factors. Fotojet will help you do it. Log on to the website and follow the steps which are given below.


You know size plays an important role whenever you are designing a picture for your PC, Phone etc. You know it will fit on a perfect display only and only if it will have a perfect size.  Go to the crop option (which you will find on the homepage) after you upload a picture on a fotojet. Select the custom size and have a look on the lock aspect ratio. As you will crop your picture, you will notice cropping box locking at a fixed lock ratio. Drag the box on your picture and click on apply. This will cut the unwanted part. You can adjust the box here. In case you are making the HD background. In case of iPhones, choose the ration from the given list.

Touch Up

Once you have edited the size of wallpaper, you can now give it embellishment by doing touch up. There are many photo effects and color adjustments that are present in your picture. Fotojet will help you write text and insert effects in the easiest manners.

3) Wallpapersmaker.com

Wallpapers Maker is a site where you have a plethora of options choosing which you can make and design wallpapers of your style and match. Here, you can make Christmas wallpapers, nature wallpapers, girl/boy wallpapers, animated wallpapers and many others. In addition to this, you can also download the wallpapers which are already present at the site. Following the below given few simple steps, make your own free HD backgrounds and flaunt the appearance of your PC and phone in the ways you want to.

For your desktop wallpapers:

Choose the resolution which is suitable according to the view and display of your desktop. Now select the background which is available on the site.

You can even upload our own photos. Here you will have options like flipping, rotating having different effects and editing options.

You can add quotes, notes, reminders, and anything you like in form of the text here. Then you can share it on this platform. This way, the gallery of this platform will give you a chance to showcase your artistic skills in designing your own HD background wallpapers. Other people using this platform also share their own designed wallpapers and backgrounds and this is why the site contains a myriad number of wallpapers which you can download.

4) Fotor.com

Fotor.com is another interesting and easy to use site/platform where one can easily build and even get attractive HD free backgrounds and wallpapers. The steps are to make the background simplistic and easy to understand. The great thing about this medium is that it has a very easy user interface. The whole range of stickers, effects, text and HDR options gives the user a chance to come up with interesting designs and features. Moreover, the HDR feature of this platform is a standout thing. Firstly, because most of the photo/background makers do not have this feature, HDR allows a fine editing of the light exposure and detail which can make your background in sync with whatever you construct. Follow the four simple steps to construct an HD background for your projects.

  • Log on to fotor.com and choose Fotor’s collage or design feature.
  • Choose the background of your choice. There are many overlays that you can choose to customize your design.
  • After you complete the previous step, you can preview it.
  • You can just save it after you are done with the editing and modifying and previewing.

5) Canva.com

Canva.com is an interesting place to make your own HD free backgrounds for your phone and desktop. This is one of the simplest to use platforms where you will get all the desired tools and features to construct an amazing background. It has a library from where you have the option to choose frames, banners, and icons. But before getting started to make your account on the platform as you would not be able to use this site for you do not have the account here. Follow the simple steps.

First and foremost, create your account.

Choose graphic design elements from our library.

You can upload your own picture to put these effects on it or choose from the plethora of pictures which are present in the stock photos of this background.

The Sava and use it in the way you want. You can also share it.


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