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The fact about the stock shot video is that you can’t go wrong in it. And the reason behind the increase in the success rate in this field is that video is becoming one of the popular media. As per a survey it was found out that almost seventy-four percent of the entire traffic that is generated in only due to the video content. After getting this info all that you can do is step up with the trend.

You will be amazed to know that the demand for the video is growing on continuously and therefore you cannot miss adding this to your portfolio. Generally, the marketers look for the visual content only but now they have changed their perspective towards the versatile videos, as it helps to communicate a message.

If you have an idea about the requirement of the client and at the same time if you can implement your idea in a creative and unique way then you can attain great success.

Start shooting stock shot video

At first, all that you need to do is start shooting your stock shot video. But be aware, as most of them say that shooting a stock shot video is just a matter of few seconds. Let me be very much clear to you that shooting a stock footage requires lots of patience as well as skills.

You will need to make certain preparation which you cannot even imagine as a newbie. We all know that you will not be able to achieve success over a night; moreover, it is also not among the stable source of income.

Irrespective of having a misconception about the stock shot video let me clear your doubt that you can easily make it.

The main advantage of the versatile portfolio is that it will attract the attention of the client and will serve the purpose of a medium of expression. Mentioned below are some of the tips that will help you make your portfolio a versatile one.

1. Time location and Brainstorming scouting

The first thing that you need to decide is to find the theme that you are going to work with. If you know about the themes that are in demand in the market then it will help you to narrow down your search. Moreover, an idea about the theme will also help in guidance.

All that you need to do is select a concrete theme. The only not known fact related to the stock shot video is that you will require more and more time in preparing the video than the one that will be filmed. Keep a point in your mind that the success of video does not depend on the length of the video, whereas it only depends on the entire design of the production.

The location set and model becomes much more important than the equipment that you persist. This is the only reason for which location becomes very much important.

2. Storyboarding in order to save time

The most appealing thing that needs to be done when you decide to shoot stock video reaches the destination and just shoots. The only things that you will get to learn from here are that you can’t wing it.

All you need to do is create a storyboard. In order to create a storyboard, it is not necessary that you will have an expert in that. The significance of the storyboard is that it will give you the knowledge of the angle and time of the shoot.

On an addition, it will help you in adjusting your model as per the time frame of the video. You cannot afford to miss this step, as it is a crucial shot that you must have in your mind at the brainstorming stage.

3. Keep your option open

If you have a tight budget and lack of time then you just can’t afford to do the photo shoots again especially when it includes a team of members. If you are planning for a complex video shoot than one thing must keep your notice that it requires some extra time too.

The clients will want to have a look at a certain topic and at the same time, they will also want to have some options to choose from. Thus the only way by which you can give them versatility is by shooting from a diverse angle, for each and every single scene try to shoot your video wide, medium as well as a close-up.

If you can make such type of variation then it will ensure that it makes up for sale. Your main objective should be of taking more from the location and the shooting time.

4. Keep it simple

You must have an idea that stock footage is not about movie drama or intricate scene. Thus you should always try to keep the camera movement, as well as the action, shot short and at the same time, it should be simple too.

The more you include in your videos it will directly affect the suitability for the variety of purpose. You should make an effort in keeping the video short as well as sweet. If you find any problem in keeping the video simple then you must eliminate this issue during the editing stage.

5. Consistency saves cost

You must remember the fact that consistency is the only king. Simply you can conclude that if your camera angles are consistent then you will have to spend very less time in the post-production procedure.

The best thing that you can do while the stock shot video keeps the camera setting same until and unless the shooting gets over because it is really a very daunting task to have a number of creative shots but you are not able to transform them into the great video.

If your concept is a solid one then you will automatically end up in creating a perfect stock shot videos. Because it is the foundation of the entire creative process and at the end, it will be your only winning ticket.


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